Monday, February 4, 2008

Cutting Teeth!!! Also China NEEDS HELP!!!!!!

Well little Miss Anna Grace is FINALLY cutting teeth!!! Anna Grace has 1 tooth and is finally cutting 3 teeth at the same time!!! OH what a joy- She is ill a lot of times and is always whiny- She is doing well though and we are just happy she has teeth!! It is so funny to watch her march around the house ruling everyone and she is SO petite and small- She now is 18lbs!! She is so much fun to be w/ she knows SO many things and loves to show off- Well that is my bragging for the day!! Happy Monday-

Also look at the pics my BFF did for me!!! I love them which one do y`all like?????
picture 1


picture 2

I love #2 b/c of the glasses!!


China is experiencing a severe weather crises. As many of you know, parts of China are plagued with snow and freezing temperatures like they have never encountered before. As one person described would be akin to Miami getting a Boston blizzard. They simply are not equipped to handle this weather. People do not have heat or electricity, pipes are bursting, hosptials are closed. It is a dire situation. Orphanages are running out of food and diapers. One organization I know that is helping the orphanages get heaters, supplies, diapers etc is Half the Sky. Please consider making a donation. You can click on the name above to go to the site. I cannot imagine these children who are all alone to begin with, hungry and wet and cold. It absolutely breaks my heart to imagine the children and all of the families and what they are going through. They need our help. Even if you can only give a little bit, it could mean a warm blanket to a freezing child. I hope that in some small way, we can make a difference. PLEASE HELP THEM DURING THIS TIME!!



Anonymous said...

hey Ashton Meighan is also cutting more teeth. So I know what Anna is going thru.

Lauren said...

Aw....thats sooo cute!! I will pray for the China situation.