Thursday, February 28, 2008

Not Gettys IdoL :( But 1st Runner Up!!!

Well tonight was the finally of Gettys Idol and I didn't win.....................But I got 1st Runner Up!!! I was SO excited and I am SOO happy for Janey who is the Gettys Idol!!! I am soo happy for her! I am also proud of myself and thought i would share the news!! Thanks for all the prayers and support during this time and the sweet comments!! I would also like to thank my ENTIRE family and All of my Friends that helped me along the way!! Also HUGE thanks to my Mom and Jodi and Nana! Thanks for the singing help and perfecting the songs(Jodi) For the outfit prep and everything else (Mom) And for the great posters and everything else you did (Nana) And thanks to everyone who came!! Happy Thursday!!! :o)


Anonymous said...

Ashton: You will always be #1 to me. I think you sounded wonderful last night. One day I know I will see you on American Idol. Love, Nana

Debby said...

Way to go Ashton! What you did took alot of courage, and you should be very proud of your self.

Debby K.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ashton!!! I am so of proud of you!!! :) Big hugs from us! Love~Bobbi

Lexie said...

Oh wow!! Thats awsome!! 1st runner up!! WhoO Hoo!!!

Keep singing!