Friday, February 1, 2008

Circus!! and Super Bowl XXLII

Well today we went to the circus! It was SO much fun- It scared us to death- They did really freaky tricks and the Tigers had everyone on edge- It was honestly one of the best circuses i have EVER seen- It was SO cool to see how flexible they were! It was amazing to watch them flip through the air with a hula hoop- It was a nail biter- I will post pictures tomorrow when I have time to load them on my computer- Tomorrow we are going to see Joyce, Eric, Kathryn and Sarah some of our travel mates from China!!! I can`t wait to see the girls` together- By the way to everyone who looks at my Mom`s blog you can no longer type in you have to go to and type in Anna Grace Rice in the search box towards the bottom and it should bring her website link up- click on it and it should work- I just wanted to make a quick note about that! I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy SUPER BOWL XLII!!! My Dad and brothers are SO excited- GO GIANTS!!!


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