Saturday, February 9, 2008

New Blog Design AGAIN and a must see

Well I think I am a little crazy. I change my blog what seems like every other day!! lol I think I have a problem with the blogger world and the computer!! Please tell me how you like my new blog design!!!
Oh Wait welcome our new blogger!!!! Since I am slow w/ the computer learning stuff I will just give you the link- This is one of my close friends that her parents were in our travel group!!! Anna and Meighan (we think) Shared a crib- This is a picture of what her blog header will look when i change it! her blog is
**Click to Enlarge**

Here is a book that we will HAVE to get Anna Grace it is called "The Mother Bridge of Love" It is SO sweet- Take the time to watch this eCard! It is SO neat- I love this book!!!!!!
Click Here
No image? Click Here to See Our Ecard


Lexie said...

Hey! Love, love, love LOVE the new blog design! I would give to learn how to do this kinda stuff. But its all mumbo jumbo to me. LOL! Did you teach yourself??

Also, i LOVE your profile picture! cute!!!! My Karleigh Mei is for sure going to have a tutu! Every girl deserves to have a one! ;)

Can't wait to check our Kara's blog!

Lexie said...

Hey-me again...
My email is being a real, REAL pain right now. It is not letting me open your email. I am pretty sure that it is not your email that is causing this pain...i think it is a mix between my email and my does this sometimes...sigh. Usually it will be like this for a little while...and then later on in the day it goes back to normal...NEWAYS! haha...with all that being said do you mind "re-emailing" your email to ???
Thanks so much!

Lexie said...

Hey- me...AGAIN! hahah

OK i see that you sent me another email...and i ALSO see that you did a Test Blog...FOR ME!!! I LOVE IT!
I am going nuts cause i want to read the email that you just sent me!

If you could email it to will for SURE be able to open it up there!

Lexie said...

Just got your email and wrote back..hopefully everything will work out so that we don't have to continue to try to talk through commenting! LOL!

Alejandra said...

hey Ashton! I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE YOUR DESIGN....evn though i dont lik the color pink it looks awesome and seriously how did you learn how to do these things because the only really good thing im good at is microsoft word and publisher. i dont know how u do it but i guess it is all because of your mei mei...that means "your sister" in chinese language right. see that right there proves how dumb i am. okay love ya and please dont call me a mexican ever again please. okay ttyl at school on monday.